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Sheath of the Granpa's Knife
Sheath of the Granpa's Knife
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BLACK'N'WHITE Granpa's Knife


BLACK\'N\'WHITE Granpa\'s Knife
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Legendary vintage 
folding knife for 


Earlier known as the Hackman - PUUKKO, as we all know, 
has travelled along the history of mankind since 1959/60, 
when this model was originally invented by 
Hackman, Finland. 

The story goes like a Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala worked
with Hackman in the area of Sorsakoski (still there, by the way),
and one of his modellings is our puukko. 
It is nowadays in the good hands of Saga Spirit Ltd, Finland,
and is manufactured handicraft, as always.

By an american historybook in the early years of the 
Vietnam war, this folding knife was with the CIA special forces;
blade do not rust, handle do not suffer from moist.

At the time Hackman sold the old equipment to a new entrepreneur,
puukko had to change its name - so, as known as by its original
place in Sorsakoski, it was named again as the sorsakoskelainen,
the Sorsakoskian. The handle still has its birth place name on it.

Many of Finns have grown up with this puukko model, or seen it in the hands
of their grandpa's, just like Saga did had her first teaching how to 
handle a puukko in a right and safe way!  
In Finland, as everywhere else, a puukko has been just to help you
in every day life. It continues your fingernails, aids you surviving in
the wilderness, and if you have a bread to cut, what do you do?
You have a knife!

And as the common sense is getting rarer and rarer all the time, 
I have to tell you folks, that knives do not kill people; odd people 
behind them kill people. So therefore I, the manufacturer, am not to blaim, if one
gets into accident or misbehaves for good. 

Value common sense, what ever you do! This is an order!

Here you are -
a genuine Sorsakoski folding knife,
that had a deep purpose in our everyday
life Hero Granpa.

When closed, the blade 
is concealed within grooves in
the handles.

Good materials and
perfect form made the fishing trips and
our visiting times with him memorable,
as we demanded to have toys carved with
wood and other materials he also enjoyed

- blade length 95 mm
- handle lenght 111 mm
- handle is solid material, no slippery
- whole lenght open 210 mm
- lenght folded 120 mm                                                  

Availability: In stock, usually ships within 4 to 7 days.

BLACK\'N\'WHITE Granpa\'s Knife
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BLACK\'N\'WHITE Granpa\'s Knife
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 21 August, 2018.
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